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The School of Engineering at the University of Connecticut, in partnership with the United Technologies Corporation (UTC), has established the UTC Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering. The Institute will serve as a hub for world-class research, project-based learning by globally-distributed teams of students, and industrial outreach activities focused on model-based systems engineering (MBSE) of complex systems that are built from, and depend upon, the synergy of computational and physical components. These so-called cyber-physical systems (CPS) incorporate mechanical components, networked embedded systems and applications software, thus representing the convergence of computation, communications, control and intelligence that enable them to have learning and predictive capabilities to adapt to changing situations.

The institute will provide an ecosystem for growing an academic talent base that will develop analytical methodologies and techniques to enhance the product development processes, architectures, model-based development and design flows.

Motivated by the increasing complexity of advanced products and the digital revolution, the institute will train engineers in urgently needed areas pivotal to innovation and product enhancement in the globally competitive economy. It will be positioned to advance the science base of cyber-physical systems and accelerate its technological translation into sustained industrial growth.

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Phone: (860) 486-3355
Address: 371 Fairfield Way
Storrs, CT 06269